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July/August 2016


Mapping the first transatlantic cable

Looking back 150 years at a watershed moment in global communication

  • 178 words
  • 1 minutes


Mapping Arctic corridors

The Pew Charitable Trusts suggests shipping corridors in the Arctic that could be classified by level of risk

  • 443 words
  • 2 minutes


The growing global e-waste problem and how to deal with it

We use a lot of gold in our electrical products. But what do we do with it once the toy has died?

  • 619 words
  • 3 minutes

People & Culture

Favourite music venues in Canada

The best places to enjoy live music, according to the editors of Canadian Geographic

  • 801 words
  • 4 minutes

Science & Tech

Surprising facts about Canadian airports

How much do you know about the places that deliver us to the sky?

  • 288 words
  • 2 minutes