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Lobster larvae. (Photo: Jesica Waller)

Science & Tech

Lobster larvae show effects of climate change

A University of Maine marine biology graduate student whose preliminary research has shown that the growth of lobster larvae slows in warmer and more acidic waters will travel…

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  • 2 minutes
Healthy sea stars on Victoria Island at low tide. (Colleen Edwards/CG Photo Club)


Sea star wasting disease confirmed in Haida Gwaii

A disease that has killed millions of sea stars on the west coast of North America since 2013 has been confirmed as the cause of death of some of the creatures in Haida Gwaii,…

  • 552 words
  • 3 minutes


Squirrel research reveals a wide range of personalities

The next time you spot a red squirrel, stop and take a closer look because it could be one very moody rodent.

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  • 5 minutes