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Rétablir les faits, pour l’Histoire

Les journalistes autochtones créent des espaces pour enquêter sur les crimes commis dans les pensionnats pour Autochtones, aux prises avec des questions non résolues et une reconnaissance pour laquelle il reste beaucoup de chemin à parcourir.

  • 2822 words
  • 12 minutes



Lessons learned from the ice storm of 1998

It plunged five million people into the dark and cold — the recovery would take years

  • 574 words
  • 3 minutes


The discovery of Nova Scotia’s ancient giants

How Cape Breton’s Middle River became an unexpected treasure trove of mastodon fossils

  • 624 words
  • 3 minutes


Toronto’s crown jewel: the CN Tower

Fifty years ago, construction began on the CN Tower, now it stands as the pinnacle of the Toronto skyline

  • 584 words
  • 3 minutes


The 2022 Expedition Insider

A behind-the-scenes look at the adventures and discoveries of the passionate explorers funded by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

  • 3864 words
  • 16 minutes

People & Culture

Students on Ice founder Geoff Green discusses his experience as an expedition leader

Harnessing the power of the ocean to inspire wonder and change

  • 814 words
  • 4 minutes