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A raccoon on the roof of an apartment in Germany (Carsten Volkwein/Wikimedia Commons)


Seven invasive species abroad

These Canadian native species have invaded foreign ecosystems

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December 2015


Fisheries and species at risk acts failing, says study

Threatened and endangered marine fishes, which are in the most need of conservation measures, fare the worst under the Species at Risk Act and the Fisheries Act

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Beluga whales in Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba. (Photo: Ansgar Walk/Wikimedia Commons)


Drones used to monitor N.W.T. belugas

Researchers have employed a never-before-used combination of techniques to monitor beluga whales, according to an organization that funds research on the cetacean in the…

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A grizzly with two cubs (Photo: Michelle Valberg/CanGeo Photo Club)


B.C. bears could face tough winter

Bears could be facing a tough winter after an early berry season and a fall salmon run that was projected to be low.

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Chart: This sea surface temperature anomaly chart created November 2 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows an area of warmer-than-normal water off the coast of British Columbia, colloquially known as


Blob blamed for marine-life upheaval in Pacific

The blob isn’t consuming everything in its path — but it is having a notable impact on marine life in the region.

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Cover of Franklin’s Lost Ship: The Historic Discovery of HMS Erebus

People & Culture

RCGS celebrates launch of Franklin’s Lost Ship

Canada’s exploration and geography communities were out en masse on Oct. 22 to help The Royal Canadian Geographical Society launch

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