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April 2016


Canada on track to protect 10 per cent of its oceans by 2020

Government is committed to using science to determine what areas of Canada’s oceans will be selected for protection, says Federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo

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  • 1 minutes


How Asian carp could become Lake Erie’s most common fish

Great Lakes Fishery Commission on the economic and ecological consequences of the species establishing itself in the Great Lakes

  • 377 words
  • 2 minutes


Zebra stripes may not help camouflage

New study suggests that zebra's stripes may not help the animal avoid predators

  • 239 words
  • 1 minutes


Most of Great Bear Rainforest now protected from logging

The vast majority of B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest is now permanently off-limits to industrial logging, thanks to a landmark agreement that effectively ends decades of fighting

  • 291 words
  • 2 minutes


New funding to help Saskatchewan ranchers protect species at risk

Environment and Climate Change Canada has given $2.58 million to the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association to lead a conservation project designed to help species at risk

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  • 2 minutes