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Video tour of world’s first commercial cubic farming facility

Canadian Geographic visits the Urban Barns facility to see how it all works

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April 2015

Photo Courtesy Dana Meise


What it’s like to walk to Canada’s three oceans

Dana Meise reflects on his seventh season of walking the Trans Canada Trail, and how it feels to be so close to completion

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The obesity map that appears in the April issue of Canadian Geographic (Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic)


How Statistics Canada measures the nation’s obesity

Data on each province's obesity rates affects public policy. How accurate is it?

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Photo: Monarch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. (Photo: Wesley Pitts/CG Photo Club)


Monarch grounds grow in Mexico, but species still struggles

Here’s the good news about monarch butterflies: the area of its wintering grounds in Mexico in December 2014 increased by 69 per cent compared to December 2013.

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Photo: Robert Pittman/Wikimedia Commons


Ontario outlines new rules for captive marine mammals

Ontario government hopes to be the first in Canada to improve the quality of life for marine animals in captivity.

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A wolf next to British Columbia's Columbia River. (Photo: Domenico Battaglia/CG Photo Club)


Wolf cull in British Columbia spawns controversy

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(Map: D.B. Street, Cyclists Road Map, showing all the main travelled roads, Towns, villages etc. between Toronto and London including the Niagara District, 1895, Library and Archives Canada, NMC43015)


The maps that sparked Canada’s bicycle frenzy

Maps like the two pictured here were instrumental in opening up the countryside to urban North American bike owners

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