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A polar bear on Mitivik Island

A polar bear, its paws covered in eider egg yolk, on Mitivik Island, Nunavut. Mitivik is home to Canada's largest eider colony, but climate change has introduced a powerful threat: hungry polar bears. (Photo: Evan Richardson)

Photo: Evan Richardson
How the drama of climate change is playing out on a small island in Hudson Bay
Wood bison graze at the Toronto Zoo

Wood bison at the Toronto Zoo. (Photo: Hannah James/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Hannah James/Canadian Geographic
For the first time ever, a Canadian zoo has successfully produced a calf from an embryo sent from another province. Here's what that could mean for species conservation. 
A wolverine

Wolverines require large areas of intact forest habitat for hunting, scavenging and raising young and, according to new research, will actively avoid even lightly-used roads. (Photo: Andrew Manske)

Photo: Andrew Manske
In shedding light on wolverines' aversion to roads, new research suggests the key to their conservation in Alberta 
A polar bear wades in the Arctic as snow falls

While global polar bear numbers are currently stable, polar bear range states such as Canada must monitor and talk openly about the biggest threats to their long-term survival, according to a WWF report. (Photo: Nate Small/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Nate Small/Can Geo Photo Club
New report from the WWF calls for increased international cooperation on polar bear conservation

A raccoon peers out from behind foliage in Toronto. The masked bandits have successfully colonized our cities, and not everyone is happy about it. (Photo: Vladislav Kamenski/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Vladislav Kamenski/Can Geo Photo Club
Synanthropes: wild animals that live near and benefit from humans. An exploration of why some species thrive among us, and how urban planners are managing their increasing numbers. 
Robson Bight Day to Night

This image of B.C.'s Robson Bight was created as part of renowned photographer Stephen Wilkes' Day to Night series by combining hundreds of images taken during a 26-hour period in August 2016. (Photo: Stephen Wilkes)

Photo: Stephen Wilkes
For the latest image in his iconic Day to Night series, photographer Stephen Wilkes set his sights on an important ecological reserve in British Columbia. Here's why. 
Kyle Mac as Don - Courtesy of CBC (Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie)

Kyle Mac as Don the unwitting raccoon whisperer in new CBC comedy series Crawford. (Photo: Steve Wilkie, courtesy CBC)

Photo: Steve Wilkie, courtesy of CBC
In new CBC comedy series Crawford, the ubiquitous backyard bandits get something of an image overhaul 
North Atlantic right whale in Gulf

An endangered North Atlantic right whale in the Bay of Fundy. (Photo: Larissa Schiffmann/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Larissa Schiffmann/Can Geo Photo Club
Following a deadly summer for the endangered whales, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is tightening regulations for crab fishers in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
Golden eagle in flight with the Rockies in the background

Every day in the spring and fall, hundreds of golden eagles stream along the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains on an aerial highway stretching from Alaska to Mexico — but until recently, scientists had no idea the birds migrated at all. (Photo: El McMullin/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: El McMullin/Can Geo Photo Club
No one knew golden eagles in the Yukon and Alaska migrated along the Rockies' front ranges, until an avid birder noticed something strange
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