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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is Canada’s Centre for Geography and Exploration, and one of the largest non-profit educational organizations in the nation.

Justin Barbour pulls his canoe upstream with his dog Saku in it

Justin Barbour drags his canoe up the Red Wine River in Labrador wearing his PFD. (Photo: Justin Barbour)

Photo: Justin Barbour
The adventurer behind the Man and Dog expedition puts a life jacket through its paces in the Labrador and northern Quebec wilderness
George Kourounis inside the Marum crater of Ambrym volcano, Vanuatu

George Kourounis stands beside a lava lake inside the Marum crater on Ambrym, a volcanic island in the Vanuatu archipelago, in 2014. To get to the lake, Kourounis and his film crew had to rappel down the side of the crater, which is deeper than the Empire State Building is tall. (Photo courtesy George Kourounis)

Photo courtesy George Kourounis
Whether outrunning a tornado, dodging lava bombs or hunkering down in a hurricane, explorer George Kourounis is most comfortable living on the edge
Man carries canoe near river on Labrador Peninsula

Justin Barbour carries his trusty canoe on the Upper McPhadyen River in mid-September during the final leg of his expedition. (Photo: Justin Barbour)

Photo: Justin Barbour
Justin Barbour and his canine pal, Saku, traversed 1,000 kilometres across the Labrador Peninsula through harsh snow storms and sub-zero temperatures, but were stopped just shy of their end goal 
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Gordon Osinski, a planetary geologist at Western University in London, Ont., led a 2018 expedition to map parts of Devon Island’s exposed Precambrian Shield — Arctic coastlines that have never been surveyed by on-the-ground teams. (Photo: Gordon Osinski)

Photo: Gordon Osinski
From a solo ski and mountain-climbing expedition to the South Pole to a project that mapped portions of Devon Island’s coasts for the first time, see what just a few of the RCGS’s Fellows have been working on in late 2018
50 Sussex Drive

There’s more to this building than a pragmatic modernist arrangement of stone, glass and steel overlooking a waterfall, three rivers and two provinces. (Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic
Get a bird’s-eye view of the iconic new home of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and its capital surroundings 
cavers on the plateau near Fernie, B.C.

Cavers on the Bisaro Plateau near Fernie, B.C. (Photo: Jérôme Genairon)

Photo: Jérôme Genairon
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s 2018 Expedition of the Year returns to the Bisaro Anima Cave near Fernie, B.C.
nova zembla expedition, arctic

A drone captures a bird's eye view of Matthew Ayre and Michael Moloney in their Zodiac near Buchan Gulf, Nunavut. (Photo: Matthew Ayre/Nova Zembla Expedition)

Photo: Matthew Ayre/Nova Zembla Expedition
Matthew Ayre and Michael Moloney review the MEC items that helped them discover the whaling vessel wreck in the High Arctic
Johnny Issaluk, Jared Harris, John Geiger

Actor Jared Harris (centre) with RCGS CEO John Geiger (right) and Terror castmate Johnny Issaluk at the 89th Annual College of Fellows dinner in Ottawa. Harris accepted the Society’s inaugural Louie Kamookak Medal for his portrayal of Capt. Francis Crozier in The Terror. (Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic
Inaugural award honours the legacy of the late Inuit historian 
National Arts Centre setup

Guests at the 89th Annual College of Fellows Dinner mingle inside the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. (Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Ben Powless/Canadian Geographic
Remembering Louie Kamookak, a new Explorer-in-Residence and other highlights from the 89th Annual College of Fellows Dinner
Carole Saad, 50 Sussex

Ottawa event maven Carole Saad takes the podium at an event at 50 Sussex as part of her latest role. (Photo: Ben Powless/Can Geo)

Carole Saad, 50 Sussex
Established event designer to promote the headquarters of The Royal Canadian Geographical and Canadian Geographic
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