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Meghan Greeley as Lucy Maud Montgomery in Historica Canada's newest Heritage Minute

Meghan Greeley as Lucy Maud Montgomery in Historica Canada's newest Heritage Minute, which celebrates the famed Canadian author. (Photo courtesy Historica Canada)

Photo courtesy Historica Canada
Though beloved for her books featuring plucky heroines, the celebrated novelist privately battled depression and the sexist attitudes of the early 20th century
Disappointment River

Writer Brian Castner retraced Alexander Mackenzie's epic 1789 expedition for his new book Disappointment River. (Cover image courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada; author photo courtesy author)

Disappointment River
In this exclusive excerpt from his new book Disappointment River: Finding and Losing the Northwest Passage, author Brian Castner recounts a part of his 2016 journey retracing Alexander Mackenzie's 1789 expedition of the Mackenzie River 
Coeur de pirate (Béatrice Martin) performs at the RCGS' Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Canada gala in Toronto

Cœur de pirate (Béatrice Martin) performs at the Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Canada gala in support of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society in Toronto on Feb. 28, where she was also presented with the Society's Bernier medal. (Photo: Tom Sandler/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Tom Sandler/Canadian Geographic
Quebec’s Béatrice Martin — better known by her stage name, Cœur de pirate — was recognized for her contributions to the Society and Canada's cultural landscape
Maple syrup dripping from a tap into a collection bucket

How about "a perky, but shyly insouciant, maple syrup, with notes of vanilla and black earth?" Our writer asked several syrup producers if geography influences the product the way it does wine and coffee. (Photo: John Dempster/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: John Dempster/Can Geo Photo Club
We know weather influences the taste and quality of Canada's national condiment, but some producers say geography plays a role as well 
Jeff Fuchs, the "Tea Explorer," with Konga, a tea trader from Lo Manthang

Jeff Fuchs, the "Tea Explorer," with Konga, a tea trader from Lo Manthang in northern Mustang, Nepal. (Photo courtesy Jeff Fuchs)

Photo courtesy Jeff Fuchs
How does a Canadian wind up wandering an ancient tea-trading route through the Himalayas? We talk to 'Tea Explorer' Jeff Fuchs about his documentary film and his ongoing journey to unlock the secrets of the leaf. 
Groundbreaking new educational resource coming this summer
A beaver rock

"Beaver Rock," one of more than 100 "beaver sculptures" collected over the years by Henry Mintzberg. (Photo: Lisa Mintzberg)

Photo: Lisa Mintzberg
Appreciating the craftsmanship of Canada's national animal
A wolf pup peers out from a den in the Yukon Territory

A wolf pup peers out from a den in the southwestern Yukon Territory. (Photo: Peter Mather)

Photo: Peter Mather
The Yukon-based photographer shares more of his wild wolf photos and how he discovered his passion for visual storytelling
University of Toronto, Meric Gertler, Fellow, RCGS

Meric Gertler has been president of the University of Toronto since 2013. (Photo: Lisa Sakulensky/University of Toronto)

Photo: Lisa Sakulensky/University of Toronto
The University of Toronto president is a world leader in urban theory and the geography of innovation, creativity and culture in city centres
Christian Bagg, trail, invention, wheelchair, Great Trail

Icon Wheelchairs founder Christian Bagg has tested many versions of his powerful Explore model on The Great Trail’s West Bragg Creek routes, in Alberta.

Photo: Christian Bagg
Christian Bagg, founder of Icon Wheelchairs, is a true trailblazer
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