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Illustration of Michael Bonacini carrying firewood at his country property in Caledon, Ont.

Illustration: Jacqui Oakley/Canadian Geographic

Illustration: Jacqui Oakley/Canadian Geographic
The celebrity chef and MasterChef Canada judge reminisces about escaping to rural living in Caledon, Ont.
Canoeing at Madawaska Kanu Centre

The canoe was the original mode of transportation in Canada, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about its history — and hit the water yourself — in eastern Ontario. (Photo: Destination Ontario)

Photo: Destination Ontario
Connect with Canada's past and present on this network of waterways between Peterborough, Ont. and the nation's capital
St-Viateur is famous for its Montreal-style bagels

St-Viateur bakery in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood has been serving up fresh wood-fired bagels since 1957. (Photo: Alice Gao/Commission Canadienne de Tourisme)

Photo: Alice Gao/Commission Canadienne de Tourisme
Alex Hutchinson goes inside the friendly rivalry between two titans of the Montreal-style bagel to figure out the secret of the doughy snack's allure
David McEown paints in St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia Island

Curious king penguins check out David McEown's easel as the artist paints in St. Andrews Bay on the subantarctic island of South Georgia. (Photo: Daisy Gilardini)

Photo: Daisy Gilardini
Watch the award-winning Canadian watercolourist paint the landscapes and wildlife of Antarctica
Louie Kamookak during a visit to the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre

Louie Kamookak is pictured during a visit to the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre. (Photo: Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Colin Rowe/Canadian Geographic
Author Kenn Harper pays tribute to the life, legacy and work of his fellow historian
Louie Kamookak, Nunavut, Gjoa Haven, obituary, tribute, RCGS, explorer, Franklin

Louie Kamookak’s efforts to collect and pass on the stories of Inuit Elders directly contributed to the discovery of Sir John Franklin’s HMS Erebus, proving the value of oral history, says Leona Aglukkaq. (Illustration: Robert Carter)

Illustration: Robert Carter
“His life’s work held true:” Leona Aglukkaq, former Minister of Environment and Parks Canada, on the admired Inuit oral historian
Louie Kamookak, Nunavut, Gjoa Haven, obituary, tribute, RCGS, explorer, Franklin

Kamookak recounting traditional stories with the Gjoa Haven youth who joined him on the RCGS-flagged 2015 Malerualik Expedition, part of his decades-long effort to pass Inuit traditions and knowledge on to the next generation. (Photo: Jason Fulford)

Photo: Jason Fulford
Alanna Mitchell, co-author of Franklin's Lost Ship: The Historic Discovery of HMS Erebus, reflects on the renowned historian
Franklin expedition ship stuck in ice

AMC's new series, The Terror, explores the Franklin expedition's fight for survival after their ships become trapped in Arctic ice. (Photo: AMC)

Photo: AMC
AMC's new 10-part narrative of the Franklin expedition is part high adventure, part gothic horror
Mya Chau and Eve Helman science fair project

After doing a science fair project on disposable coffee cups, classmates Mya Chau, left, and Eve Helman decided to start a petition to encourage Starbucks to move to a recyclable option. (Photo: Gina Ko)

Photo: Gina Ko
Mya Chau and Eve Helman will travel to Seattle this week, where they hope to deliver their petition in person
Wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini

Wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini is Canadian Geographic's newest Photographer-in-Residence. (Photo: Ron Clifford)

Photo: Ron Clifford
Canadian Geographic's newest Photographer-in-Residence gives us a glimpse at her process
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