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David Schindler

Renowned conservation scientist David Schindler photographed around the time of his retirement from the University of Alberta in 2013. (Photo: Michael Holly/University of Alberta)

Photo: Michael Holly/University of Alberta
Schindler conducted numerous groundbreaking studies during his career in efforts to protect freshwater around the world
The founder of Canopy speaks about winning this prestigious award

Megan Leslie, who has been involved in environmental conservation since she was a teen, has served as president and CEO of WWF Canada since 2017.

Leslie spoke with Canadian Geographic about leaving politics and her work with WWF

The “Imaa, Like This” team took home the $1 million prize for their project.

Projects focus on food sovereignty, youth
The animated short film called Last Fish, First Boat recounts the 1992 cod moratorium
A woman with red hair and a green shirt looks at the camera.

Emma Donoghue’s novel about the 1918 Spanish flu reveals many similarities to today in how society responds to a pandemic. (Photo: Punch Photographic)

Photo: Punch Photographic
The Irish-Canadian novelist muses on the parallels between the 1918 pandemic and the one happening now

Illustration: Micaela Dawn/Can Geo

Illustration: Micaela Dawn/Can Geo
The Green Party MP explains what it is about Margaree Harbour, N.S., that feeds her soul

Photo: Sara Kempner

As part of our re:Location project, we saw hundreds of entries to our photo competition. Here are the top three.
A group of students and staff pose on the steps of Gordon's Residential School in a faded photo.

Staff and students of Gordon’s Indian Residential School on the front steps of the school building in October 1953.

A quarter century ago, Gordon’s Indian Residential School was the last in Canada to close its doors
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Cartographic highlights from Canadian Geographic’s 2020 issues
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