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aurora borealis

The aurora borealis are spectacular when seen from the ground. Now picture seeing them from a plane! (Photo: Ezra Meszaros/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Ezra Meszaros/Can Geo Photo Club
A new flight experience from Tourism Yukon and Air North offers aurora fans a front-row seat to the phenomenon
Central Esker, northwestern Manitoba

A view of the surrounding countryside from the Central Esker near Egenolf Lake in northwestern Manitoba. (Photo: Aaron Kylie/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Aaron Kylie/Canadian Geographic
The geological formations that surround Gangler's North Seal River Lodge in northwestern Manitoba are intriguing pathways to the past
Thou Shalt do no Murder, Minik, The New York Eskimo, Kenn Harper

Cover images for author Kenn Harper's two new books, Thou Shalt Do No Murder (left) and Minik: The New York Eskimo. (Images courtesy Nunavut Arctic College Media, Steerforth Press)

Images courtesy Nunavut Arctic College Media, Steerforth Press
In his new book, Thou Shalt Do No Murder, historian Kenn Harper explores how the killing of a trader in 1920 set off a clash of cultures in the Canadian High Arctic that still resonates today
Paul Gleeson aboard the Arctic Joule

Expedition member Paul Gleeson stands aboard the Arctic Joule as the high-tech rowboat is guided into some tenuous shelter among chunks of ice on the shoreline of Sellwood Bay, N.W.T. 

In his new book, Rowing the Northwest Passage, Canadian adventurer Kevin Vallely recounts his 2013 attempt to transit the famous Arctic route  
Tyler McCaul Carson Storch Wade Simmons Darren Berrecloth Tatshenshini-Alsek

Tyler McCaul, Carson Storch, Wade Simmons and Darren Berrecloth ride down a slope in Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park in British Columbia on September 3, 2016. (Photo: Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool)

Photo: Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool
Documentary follows four Canadian and American freeriders as they attempt previously unridden terrain in British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska 
Adam Shoalts, Arctic, explorer, expedition, North, wildlife, canoe, RCGS

Adam Shoalts paddles against the powerful current of the Mackenzie River, N.W.T., just two weeks into the Trans-Canadian Arctic Expedition. (Photo: Adam Shoalts)

Photo: Adam Shoalts
Explorer Adam Shoalts, who completed his monumental 4,000-kilometre journey on September 6, speaks to Canadian Geographic about an expedition that calls to mind the likes of Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Joseph Tyrrell
ice grizzly, yukon, valberg

Meet the largest congregation of grizzly bears in the far north as they gather on the Fishing Branch River (or Ni’iinlii Njik, Gwich’in for “where fish spawn”) (Photo: Michelle Valberg)

Photo: Michelle Valberg
From September to November, grizzly bears gather in the mountainous Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Traditional Territory to feast on salmon. As the temperature dips, their fur becomes coated in ice, creating an otherworldly look and spectacular photos.
Adam Shoalts, Arctic, expedition, North, RCGS

A map depicting the path of Adam Shoalts's Trans-Canadian Arctic Expedition. He reached Baker Lake, Nunavut, on Sep. 6, 2017. (Map: Chris Brackley; Illustration: Robert Carter/Can Geo)

Map: Chris Brackley; Illustration: Robert Carter/Can Geo
Shoalts, once dubbed 'Canada's Indiana Jones,' reached Baker Lake, Nunavut, yesterday after nearly four months of trekking and paddling Canada's mainland Arctic.

The metal garbage dump near Sylvia Grinnell River leeches petrochemicals, pesticides, and lead into its surroundings. (Photo: Transport Canada)

(Photo: Transport Canada)
Transport Canada is providing funding to clean up the toxic site that was left in the 1950's
Charlotte Gray on Tatshenshini River

Charlotte Gray at the side of the Tatshenshini River. (Photo courtesy Ben Graham)

Photo courtesy Ben Graham
The acclaimed author discovers breathtaking scenery with a side of eggs benedict in Canada's North
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