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Creative and accurate cartography that illustrates Canada’s landscapes and geology, wildlife routes, communities, history, changing boundaries and more.

One of two maps of Treaty 8 territory submitted as evidence in West Moberly First Nations

One of two maps of Treaty 8 territory submitted as evidence in West Moberly First Nations v. British Columbia.

A case decided this week by the Supreme Court of British Columbia was, in essence, all about geography
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Canada's intact forests. (Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic.)

Map: Chris Brackley/Can Geo
Species richness in Canada’s remaining intact forests
Freshwater map of Canada by Chris Brackley of Canadian Geographic

Canada's fresh water. (Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic)

Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic
Canada is home to one-fifth of the world's fresh water. Here's what that looks like

(Map: University of Alberta Archives, 1995-166, Soper, J. Dewey Small Accessions)

University of Alberta Archives, 1995-166, Soper, J. Dewey Small Accessions
In 1929, J. Dewey Soper’s quest to find the breeding grounds of the blue goose ended, thanks in part to this marvelously detailed hand-drawn map

A new computational model may help predict future wildfires, similar to the dangerous 2016 fire that overwhelmed Fort McMurray, Alta. (Photo: DarrenRD/Wikimedia Commons)

Photo: DarrenRD/Wikimedia Commons
Researchers at the University of Alberta have trained a "self-organizing map" to identify high-risk days for fires 

The 9.1 acre corn maze takes about a half hour to complete.

(Photo: Vince Rattai)
What better way to celebrate the nation’s sesquentennial than getting lost in a field of corn?

The Great Trail is the world's longest network of recreational trails. Esri Canada teamed up with the Trans Canada Trail to produce an interactive map that will help with trail maintenance and community sharing of the trail. Explore the map here. (Map: Esri Canada/Trans Canada Trail)

Map: Esri Canada/Trans Canada Trail
As Canada's most famous trail celebrates its near completion, Esri Canada president Alex Miller discusses the ambitious trail map that is helping Canadians get outdoors

The Dark Sky Emoji weather map. 

Image: Dark Sky
Today's weather: smiley with a chance of umbrellas
The National Capital Commission's plan for Ottawa by 2067

(Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic)

(Map: Chris Brackley/Canadian Geographic)
As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, the National Capital Commission is helping to plan how Ottawa will evolve over the next half-century
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Mike Jaypoody enregistre une entrevue sur la terre avec Aisa Piungituq, une aînée de Clyde River, en vue d’intégrer ses connaissances des lieux-dits de la région dans l’atlas. (Photo : Robert Kautuk)

Photo : Robert Kautuk
Lancés plus tard cette année à Clyde River (Nunavut), des atlas numériques des toponymes inuits, des habitats fauniques, des études scientifiques et de bien plus encore profitent déjà aux collectivités dans l’Arctique
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