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From Canada’s early First Nations and Inuit cultures to European exploration, Confederation, women’s suffrage, wartime and beyond.

Ex Coelis mountain Alberta

Ex Coelis, the Latin motto of the First Canadian Parachute Battalion, translates as “Out of the clouds.” Members of the battalion were among the first Allied forces on the ground during the D-Day landings. Many were taken prisoner. Alberta’s Ex Coelis mountain, pictured, has five peaks, each named in honour of the battalion. (Photo: Jeff Wallace/Flickr)

Photo: Jeff Wallace/Flickr
An interactive mapping project compiles the nation’s geographic memorials to Canada’s role in global conflicts
Lady Franklin, Sir John Franklin, London, Arctic, explorer, Erebus, Terror

Erika Behrisch Elce’s new book develops the character of the famously private Lady Franklin through imagined letters to her explorer husband, written around the time of his untimely Arctic death. (Images, clockwise from left: Stonehouse Publishing; Amelie Romilly, 1815/public domain; National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London)

Images, clockwise from left: Stonehouse Publishing; Amelie Romilly, 1815/public domain; National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
A new novel by Erika Behrisch Elce brings Lady Franklin — widow of doomed polar explorer Sir John Franklin — to life in new and creative ways
Defying Limits, by astronaut Dave Williams

Photos courtesy Simon & Schuster Canada (left) and NASA.

Photos courtesy Simon & Schuster Canada (left) and NASA
A new memoir that unpacks the life of one of Canada’s most accomplished astronauts, who’s also an aquanaut, doctor, CEO and cancer survivor 
Michael Palin
Michael Palin speaks about his new book, a history of the polar exploration vessel HMS Erebus, at The Royal Canadian Geographical Society's new headquarters at 50 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa on Oct. 19, 2018. (Photo: Ben Powless/Can Geo)
Michael Palin at 50 Sussex (Photo: Ben Powless)
The author, actor and member of Monty Python wrapped up the Canadian leg of his North American book tour with a sold-out show in Ottawa  
RCGS Resolute in Paradise Bay, Antarctica

An artist's rendition of the new RCGS Resolute in Paradise Bay, Antarctica. (Illustration: One Ocean Expeditions)

Illustration: One Ocean Expeditions
Explore the features of the RCGS Resolute, the first vessel to be flagged for The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and learn more about the history behind the ship's name
Gatineau Park forest-cover map

A 1974 forest-cover map of Gatineau Park. The 361-square-kilometre protected area in southwestern Quebec is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. (Map credit: Gatineau Park: Forest cover types / Department of the Environment [1974], © Government of Canada. Reproduced with the permission of Library and Archives Canada (2018), e011086587.)

Gatineau Park forest-cover map
This colourful forest-cover map, completed in 1974, provided invaluable information for the management of the National Capital Region’s cherished park
Michael Palin Erebus

Author Michael Palin visited the Northwest Passage in the summer of 2017 while penning his latest book, Erebus, about the famed vessel that now rests there. (Photo: Michael Palin; cover image courtesy Random House Canada)

Photo: Michael Palin; cover image courtesy Random House Canada
An exclusive abridged excerpt from a new book by the famed explorer, actor and comedian
Mihell Nunavik expedition

Kim and Conor Mihell pose with The Royal Canadian Geographical Society flag during their summer 2018 expedition through Quebec's Nunavik region. (Photo: Conor Mihell)

Mihell Nunavik expedition
Recapping a Royal Canadian Geographical Society-funded canoe expedition into the windy wilderness of northern Quebec
jill heinerth, shipwreck, great lakes

Diver Teddy Garlock approaches the ship's wheel at the stern of the vessel, with the davits that launched the yawl, the crew's lifeboat, still intact. (Photo: Jill Heinerth)

Photo: Jill Heinerth
RCGS Explorer-in-Residence Jill Heinerth and dive partner Teddy Garlock made the first dive on the Queen of the Lakes since her resting place in Lake Ontario was confirmed in 2011

Left: The poster for new documentary “That Never Happened.” Right: Director Ryan Boyko. (Photos courtesy Armistice Films)

Photos courtesy Armistice Films
Between 1914 and 1920, some 5,000 ethnic Ukrainians were imprisoned in Canadian internment camps. A new documentary tells their stories. 
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