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Australian Division's ice core drilling camp in Aurora Basin North, East Antarctica. The team retrieved data to quantify elements contributing to climate change in January 2014. (Photo: Feiteng Wang)

Photo: Feiteng Wang
Research aims to reevaluate microplastic pollution’s impact on the climate

Steam rising from the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station in Iceland. (Photo: Gretar Ívarsson)

Photo: Gretar Ívarsson
From electric vehicles to geothermal energy, our focus is on reducing emissions by 2050
Puffin sitting on cliffside surrounded by mountains.

The puffin population found across the Northern Atlantic Ocean are in danger of extinction as their food declines (Photo: Tomáš Malík).

Photo: Tomáš Malík
A look at how global warming impacts foundational conditions for entire ecosystems

A grey warbler photographed from the author's bedroom window. (Photo: Paul Sorrell)

In an excerpt from his new book, author Paul Sorrell teches how to connect to nature with a photographer's eye
Waldron spoke with Canadian Geographic about representation for women and racialized communities
The B.C. based biologist reflects on her decades long fight to preserve the ecosystem she calls home

After countless smallmouth bass invaded Piper Lake, part of the St. Mary’s River in Nova Scotia, the province applied a pesticide that specifically targets fish. (Photo: Scott Beaver)

Photo: Scott Beaver
Protecting Piper Lake’s ecosystem sometimes takes drastic measures
All the plastic that has ever been produced is part of the carbon cycle

The Heiltsuk Nation is a First Nations government in the Central Coast region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. (Photo: Simon Fraser University)

Photo: Simon Fraser University
Two new projects highlight commitments to a more collaborative, coordinated and efficient approach to ocean protection and marine responses to anthropogenic disasters
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