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A beaver rock

"Beaver Rock," one of more than 100 "beaver sculptures" collected over the years by Henry Mintzberg. (Photo: Lisa Mintzberg)

Photo: Lisa Mintzberg
Appreciating the craftsmanship of Canada's national animal
A retrogressive thaw slump on Qikiqtaruk-Herschel Island

As Arctic permafrost thaws, it is changing the landscape of the far north, as seen in this photo depicting a retrogressive thaw slump on Qikiqtaruk-Herschel Island. But as new research is finding, that's not the only danger that could arise from thawing permafrost. (Photo: Sandra Angers-Blondin/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Sandra Angers-Blondin/Can Geo Photo Club
Arctic permafrost is thawing. What does that mean for the North — and the rest of us? 
Shelley Ball with a chinstrap penguin in Antarctica

Shelley Ball comes face-to-face with a curious chinstrap penguin on Deception Island, Antarctica during the inaugural Homeward Bound Women in Science Leadership Expedition, December 2016. (Photo: Dyan deNapoli)

Photo: Dyan deNapoli
Participants in the program undergo intensive leadership training — aboard a ship in Antarctica
A wolf pup peers out from a den in the Yukon Territory

A wolf pup peers out from a den in the southwestern Yukon Territory. (Photo: Peter Mather)

Photo: Peter Mather
The Yukon-based photographer shares more of his wild wolf photos and how he discovered his passion for visual storytelling
A polar bear on Mitivik Island

A polar bear, its paws covered in eider egg yolk, on Mitivik Island, Nunavut. Mitivik is home to Canada's largest eider colony, but climate change has introduced a powerful threat: hungry polar bears. (Photo: Evan Richardson)

Photo: Evan Richardson
How the drama of climate change is playing out on a small island in Hudson Bay
Christian Bagg, trail, invention, wheelchair, Great Trail

Icon Wheelchairs founder Christian Bagg has tested many versions of his powerful Explore model on The Great Trail’s West Bragg Creek routes, in Alberta.

Photo: Christian Bagg
Christian Bagg, founder of Icon Wheelchairs, is a true trailblazer
Wood bison graze at the Toronto Zoo

Wood bison at the Toronto Zoo. (Photo: Hannah James/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Hannah James/Canadian Geographic
For the first time ever, a Canadian zoo has successfully produced a calf from an embryo sent from another province. Here's what that could mean for species conservation. 
A polar bear wades in the Arctic as snow falls

While global polar bear numbers are currently stable, polar bear range states such as Canada must monitor and talk openly about the biggest threats to their long-term survival, according to a WWF report. (Photo: Nate Small/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Nate Small/Can Geo Photo Club
New report from the WWF calls for increased international cooperation on polar bear conservation

A raccoon peers out from behind foliage in Toronto. The masked bandits have successfully colonized our cities, and not everyone is happy about it. (Photo: Vladislav Kamenski/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Vladislav Kamenski/Can Geo Photo Club
Synanthropes: wild animals that live near and benefit from humans. An exploration of why some species thrive among us, and how urban planners are managing their increasing numbers. 
RCGS Fellows

RCGS Fellows Russell Clark (pictured) and Trisha Stovel recently launched Beneath BC, an online project aimed at making underwater B.C., and eventually all of Canada, better known to Canadians. Read on to see what a few of the Society’s other Fellows are working on this year. (Photo: Russell Clark)

(Photo: Russel Clarke)
From documenting rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia to sonar-scanning B.C. waters for steam-era shipwrecks, see what just a few of the RCGS’s more than 1,000 Fellows are working on in 2018
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