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sea star disease the blob

In 2013, an outbreak of sea star wasting disease on the west coast of North America coincided with the appearance of an area of warmer-than-normal water in the Pacific Ocean that scientists dubbed "The Blob."

Acidification, disruptions to food webs among the biggest concerns for ocean scientists
scientist in lab coat looking at microscope slide

Madelaine Bourdages inspects seal stomach contents under a microscope. (Photo: Jennifer Provencher)

Photo: Jennifer Provencher
No microplastics found in 142 examined seals
Newfoundland, Leach’s storm-petrels, climate change

Leach’s storm-petrel populations have experienced significant fluctuations over the last two millennia. Canadian researchers are looking at what this can tell us about long-term environmental shifts and human-influenced climate change. (Photo: iStock/Pete Morris)

Photo: iStock/Pete Morris
The study of the province’s largest Leach’s storm-petrel colony could also help answer questions about modern climate change
Ice disc South Thompson River 2020

A large, slowly spinning disc of ice appeared in the South Thompson River near Kamloops, B.C. this week, attracting attention from locals and scientists. (Photo: Ivan Petrov)

Photo: Ivan Petrov
The 40-metre-wide disc formed from a perfect combination of weather and fluid dynamics 

A superior mirage near Airdrie, Alta. on Jan. 19, 2020. (Photo: Chris Ratzlaff)

Photo: Chris Ratzlaff
Stormchaser Chris Ratzlaff captured a rare optical phenomenon as temperatures in southern Alberta warmed up over the weekend 
British Columbia professor uses drone technology in Svalbard

Eric Saczuk shows the drone that Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Fålun Strøm will be using to record data about surface air temperatures as part of the Hearts in the Ice project in Svalbard. (Photo: Tanya Kirnishni/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Tanya Kirnishni/Canadian Geographic
Drones are providing new ways of tracking wildlife and mapping changes in the Arctic
Adrian Sutherland

The music video for Adrian Sutherland’s debut single “Politician Man” features images of a map from the Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada. (Photo: David McDonald)

Photo: David McDonald
Sutherland hopes to inspire more Canadians to consider issues of reconciliation with debut single, “Politician Man’”
Gibraltar Macaque

One of the famed macaques of Gibraltar, the only monkey in Europe and subject of a new academic book by two Canadian researchers. (Photo courtesy University of Toronto)

(Photo courtesy University of Toronto)
Canadian researchers share curious insights into the history of the only monkey found in Europe
Christmas presents with brown paper wrapping

Instead of traditional wrapping paper, which is often not recyclable, cover your Christmas presents in brown paper and jazz them up with handmade and reusable decorations. (Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash)

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash
Wrapping paper, packaging, plastic plates and cutlery — it all adds up. Here are some easy ways to avoid a nightmare around Christmas. 
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