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National Wildlife Week honours Miner for his pioneer work in wildlife conservation

(Photo: Alana Zaal/Can Geo Photo Club)

(Photo: Alana Zaal/Can Geo Photo Club)
Some are finding ways to heal through forest therapy

(Photo: Thierry Meirer Pkepaemboiu/Unsplash)

Part one of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster: A six-part series

Photo: Marlis Butcher

Photo: Marlis Butcher
In her quest to visit and get to know the parks, Marlis Butcher canoed, kayaked, mountain biked, backpacked, hiked, snowshoed, snorkelled, and trekked by whatever means of travel she could devise

(Photo: Red Cross)

Fire detection, forecasting, management — and how decisions are made

Researcher Karsten Schnider cradles an exhausted reindeer. (Photo: Mervyn Aitchison)

(Photo: Mervyn Aitchison)
In an excerpt from his new book, A Life of Extremes: The Life and Times of a Polar Filmmaker, filmmaker Max Quinn offers unique insight to some of the most beautiful and extreme places on earth

Australian Division's ice core drilling camp in Aurora Basin North, East Antarctica. The team retrieved data to quantify elements contributing to climate change in January 2014. (Photo: Feiteng Wang)

Photo: Feiteng Wang
Research aims to reevaluate microplastic pollution’s impact on the climate

Steam rising from the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station in Iceland. (Photo: Gretar Ívarsson)

Photo: Gretar Ívarsson
From electric vehicles to geothermal energy, our focus is on reducing emissions by 2050
Puffin sitting on cliffside surrounded by mountains.

The puffin population found across the Northern Atlantic Ocean are in danger of extinction as their food declines (Photo: Tomáš Malík).

Photo: Tomáš Malík
A look at how global warming impacts foundational conditions for entire ecosystems
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