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Exploring Canada’s changing energy landscape: renewable energy potential, reserves, infrastructure and sustainable energy innovation.

Quebec — La Romaine-1 generating station

Quebec — La Romaine-1 generating station (Illustration: Shizuka Aoki)

Illustration: Shizuka Aoki
How Hydro-Quebec is turning problems into opportunities for innovation
Manitoba — Keeyask generating station

Manitoba — Keeyask generating station (Illustration: Shizuka Aoki)

Illustration: Shizuka Aoki
How Canada and the United States are using transmission lines to reduce reliance on coal
The Chaudiere Falls in Ottawa

The Chaudiere Falls in Ottawa. (Photo: Shanta: Wikimedia Commons)

Photo: Shanta: Wikimedia Commons
Canada has about 160,000 megawatts of untapped hydro power. How can we access it?
The CT 2.0, a prototype vehicle running on gasoline for team Alérion Supermileage from Université Laval on the track during the final day of the Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Detroit, April 24, 2016. (Photo: Bryan Mitchell/AP Images for Shell)
What if we told you the car of the future may have already been invented?

The idea is controversial but municipalities are starting to get on board

Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic

Left to right: Ed Whittingham, executive director of the Pembina Institute, Tim Gray, executive director of Environmental Defence, and Sidney Ribaux, executive director of Équiterre, sign a document forming a new partnership that will see the three organizations work together to influence the creation of a national climate change strategy. (Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic)

Photo: Alexandra Pope/Canadian Geographic
Three influential Canadian environmental advocacy groups have formed a new partnership aimed at securing an ambitious national climate change strategy for Canada under the new Liberal government
Click here to see full illustration of Bree and Hailey Hollinsworth's climate innovation story. (Illustration: Paul Robert)

This eco-friendly clothing company started by young Canadian sisters Bree and Hailey Hollinsworth, is quickly becoming one of the country’s sustainability superstars

As global climate talks kicked off in Paris Monday, discussion about Canada's energy mix was taking place closer to home.
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