The northernmost tip of Nunavut is a place most Canadians are only acquainted with via map. But Hugh Dale-Harris, John Huston, Kyle O’Donoghue and Tobias Thorleifsson met Ellesmere Island in person, traversing the polar desert in the footsteps of Norwegian Otto Sverdrup’s expedition more than a century ago.

After 1,000 kilometres and 65 days, the quartet finished their tribute to Sverdrup. In this week's video, the team members offer a glimpse of the wildlife they encountered along the way.

For more on the New Land Expedition, watch for our story in the April issue of Canadian Geographic, visit the RCGS website and read Huston's past story from the CG Blog. And if you're in the Ottawa area, you can hear Dale-Harris speak about the expedition at 7 p.m. on Feb. 4 at the Desmarais Building Room 12102, University of Ottawa.