He says even he can’t believe this video is real and he’s in it!

In this week’s video, stormchaser and Angry Planet host George Kourounis is seen inside the crater of an active volcano, just a few feet away from ferociously boiling lava and close enough to get hit from spewing molten rock.

Wearing a protective heat suit, Kourounis embarked on his latest adventure when he walked the edge of a lava lake in the Marum crater of the Ambrym volcano island in Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

“You’re in this crater as deep as the Empire State building is high,” he told The Huffington Post. He reached depths of more than 365 metres into the fiery pit of the crater.

But volcanoes are an old love for Kourounis. In 2006, he actually got married on the crater’s edge of an exploding volcano!