It’s not everyday that you see hellfire raining down from the sky in northern Alberta — or anywhere, for that matter — but at first glance that’s exactly what two on-duty officers appear to have captured on film.

This video showing a fireball — not hellfire — turning night to day was captured just north of Manning, Alta., by a camera mounted onto an RCMP patrol car. Filmed on Sept. 21, it shows an extremely rare phenomenon that these officers likely won’t see again.

Fireballs occur when a meteor enters Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrates in a dramatic fashion. According to NASA, the meteor must blaze brighter than Venus to be considered a fireball. While small meteors and space junk bombard Earth all the time, most go unnoticed because they don’t put on the same incredible light-show as this one.

The video might remind some viewers of the much larger meteor that injured more than 1,000 people as it exploded over Siberia last February.

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