Most Canadians will tell you it's been a quiet winter season compared to the past two years, but the weather was back in the news this week as a significant winter storm struck Ontario and Quebec.

School buses were pulled off the roads from the Niagara Region to the Quebec border on February 16th, while Ottawa set a new single-day snowfall record, picking up a whopping 51 cm of snow.

As the storm moved through the Atlantic provinces, Jill Heinerth's Bell Island diving expedition in Newfoundland was hampered by torrential rainfall and near hurricane-force winds.

Of course, Canadians are practiced at handling snowy weather with aplomb. Finding themselves out of school for the day, Toronto residents Ricardo Morgan, Jason Elaschuk, Ethan Deneault and and Kevin Plummer decided to do a little street snowboarding.* The result: a video that captures just how fun winter's wrath can be.

*It should go without saying, but don't try this at home.