Moms of young children know the struggle: you just want to relax, but your little one has seemingly boundless energy to burn off on rambunctious play.

It turns out parenting is much the same in the bear world. The video above, captured last week by Whistler, B.C. tour guide Kathy Jenkins, shows a caramel-coloured black bear cub play-fighting with its mother. Mom administers a few retaliatory slaps and bites but for the most part appears resigned to her role as practice prey.

The little white cub's sighting has been cause for much excitement around Whistler, though the cause of its unusual colouring is up for debate.

A recessive gene in one black bear parent can result in a cream-coloured cub, often called a Kermode or spirit bear, but according to bear expert Michael Allen, the fact that this cub doesn't have a black nose suggests that perhaps both its parents possess the recessive gene.