• Screenshot of the Gaza War Map. (Map: ©2014 Google, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME)

Considering the international spotlight on the Gaza conflict, some people might say they’ve “seen” what’s happening there. But not quite like this.

The Gaza War Map places you amidst the chaos by offering 360-degree panoramic views of the situation on the ground. The interactive images show everything from torn residential areas to campgrounds to busy hospitals in captivating HD. The map also offers captions to give viewers context on the images and new insight into Gaza, which has been under Israeli blockade since 2006.

While the conflict dates back much further, violence escalated when the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, won legislative elections in 2006. Now occupying the Gaza Strip, which is an enclave region of Palestine, Hamas refuses to recognize the existence of Israel as a nation and Israel refuses to remove its blockade until Hamas does so and Israel feels safe. While the countries fight, the population of about 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Strip is diminishing. The map takes you into the streets and homes of those surviving.

The map was put together with data obtained from the GISreal department of Mapa, a leading Israeli cartography company and ORION-ME, a cartography and navigational company working from throughout the Middle East and North Africa.