• Not all Canadian exports are good. The raccoon is one of a dozen native North American species that have migrated to other countries. (Carsten Volkwein/Wikimedia Commons)

When it comes to invasive species, we tend to fixate on the ones wreaking havoc on our ecosystems here in Canada, like zebra mussels and the emerald ash borer. Many people don't realize that Canadian native species have been turning up in places they don't belong and doing just as much damage.

We mapped the journeys and impacts of a few of these nasty exports in our December issue; now, the GIS experts at Esri Canada have created an interactive online map of Canadian invasive species. Explore the map below and discover exactly where these species have been turning up and why they're such a problem.

Teachers: if you'd like to use this map in the classroom, check out our free lesson plan.

Click on the image above to explore the full, interactive story map. (Image courtesy: Esri Canada)