• Members of the Bisaro Plateau Caves Project hold the Royal Canadian Geographical Society flag

    From left: Katie Graham, Christian Stenner, Stephen Gladieux and Daniel Weinberg hold the Royal Canadian Geographical Society flag at Camp I in the Bisaro Anima Cave. (Photo: Bisaro Plateau Caves Project)

Venturing 670 metres into Canada’s deepest cave requires some serious equipment. And since most of the gear we haul into the Bisaro Anima Cave near Fernie, B.C., eventually has to come back up, we can only carry the essentials. Throughout the history of our multi-year, multi-team expedition, and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s 2018 Expedition of the Year, four underground camps have been established, three of which were used in 2018 as we continued to explore this remarkable cave. Below are some of our favourite pieces of equipment we used last year, courtesy of Mountain Equipment Coop, the official outfitter of RCGS expeditions.

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