• The Hitcase Shield provides waterproof and shockproof protection for iPhones

    The Hitcase Shield provides waterproof and shockproof protection for iPhones. (Photo: Kendra Stieler/Can Geo; hitcase.com)

The Hitcase Shield is a Canadian-designed case for iPhones that is shockproof and waterproof, offering water depth and drop protection for up to two metres. Easy to put on and remove, the case has the convenience of port access and Apple Touch, as well as volume/silence control. To see if it really was as “ready for adventure" as advertised, I took it to the test with my iPhone 6 during a lengthy hike up Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The hike is known to soak visitors from head to toe as they complete the moderately difficult trek up steep and slippery rocks.

Kept phone damage-free

The Hitcase Shield protects iPhones from drops of up to 2 metres. (Photo: hitcase.com)

When I inevitably dropped my phone, it didn’t suffer any damage thanks to the Hitcase’s aluminum frame, plastic screen protector and glass shield that kept my phone’s camera lens free from scratches. The case’s slim build (Hitcase calls it the world's thinnest waterproof iPhone case) made it easy to hold and store without the bulk or weight that often come with other protective phone cases.

Waterproof photography

Taking photos with this case was relatively easy – the ShockSeal plastic around the aluminum frame allowed me to get a good grip on my phone. Despite my wet surroundings, my phone remained safe and completely dry inside.

However, the glass covering my phone’s camera lens could be improved. Although it did keep my lens scratch-free, water droplets were difficult to wipe away in wet conditions and as a result, a few of my photos were blurry. It would be great if a hydrophobic coating was applied to the glass to bead away water droplets.

While the case kept my phone dry, it would benefit from a hydrophobic coating to the glass that covers the phone's camera lens, as water droplets tended to obscure photos. (Photo: Kendra Stieler)


All in all, this is a great case. At $89.99, it offers great protection for adventurers looking to take their phones along for the ride without the bulk of other heavy-duty cases.