The Vancouver Aquarium has announced the winners of its first-ever jelly photo contest.

And judging by the photo submissions, photographers seem to be quite taken with these brainless, heartless and boneless cnidarians.

But who wouldn’t be.

“People love the jellyfish,” says the Vancouver Aquarium’s interpretations specialist, Alex Clegg. “They’re like living lava lamps, it’s easy to be mesmerized by these animals.”

The jellies have been at the aquarium all summer and will continue to float there well into November.

The Jelly Invasion exhibit showcases thousands of jellies, one of which — the lion's mane — can grow tentacles up to 60 metres long. The exhibit also explores jellyfish as an ingredient in Asian cuisine and the dangers so-called jelly blooms pose for fisheries and ecosystems.

View the winners:

Dan Moutal won second place and a whale-watching trip through the Gulf Islands with this photo.

Starsha Grace won first place, as well as a waterproof camera and open water diving lessons, with this photo of an edible jellyfish.

Windy Corduroy's photo of this Eperetmus typus (it has no common name) came in third place.

Tania Saade’s photo of a Mediterranean jelly is especially orange because of the baby brine shrimp it has been fed.

Tina Devani's photo of a spotted jellyfish received an honourable mention.

Shelby Cruickshanks won an honourable mention for this photo of sea purple-striped jellies

A boy stands in front of a glowing spotted jellyfish tank. (Photo: Beth Baisch)

Jeanine Gilmour's photo of a moon jellyfish glowing an eerie blue won an honourable mention.

What's the difference between a jelly and a jellyfish? The video below explains its all.