• Google Trekker at Tanquary Fiord Quttinirpaaq National Park

    A Parks Canada staff member hikes with the Google Trekker at Tanquary Fiord in Quttinirpaaq National Park. It's now possible to explore parts of Quttinirpaaq via Google Street View. (Photo courtesy Google, Parks Canada)

Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island is home to some of the most spectacular terrain in the Canadian Arctic, but due to its extreme remoteness, the park — whose name literally means "top of the world" in Inuktitut — sees fewer than 50 visitors per year. But now, it's possible to virtually visit Canada's northernmost national park via Google Street View. 

Last summer, Parks Canada's Quttinirpaaq team strapped on the Google Trekker (the 360-degree camera used to capture images for Street View) and hiked to some of the park's rivers, ridges, glaciers and archaeological sites. The team also explored Grise Fiord, Canada's northernmost community, and Resolute Bay. The result is a breathtaking digital glimpse at a part of the world few have ever seen, and which was unveiled first for residents of the area at an event hosted by Parks Canada.

"Internet access and bandwidth are challenging in this part of the world, but we wanted the people who live in and around the area to be able to enjoy the new Street View collection," wrote Emma Upton, Quttinirpaaq manager with Parks Canada, in a post on Google's blog. "We were moved by how excited people were to see their remote home online for the world to explore."

The gif below demonstrates how to find Street View images of Quttinirpaaq in Google Maps. You can also browse a collection of the best photos gathered by the Parks Canada team and learn more about some of the most notable geographic features of the park. 

Quttinirpaaq gif